An Island of Diversity

Several Randolph residents I spoke with for this project asked me about demographic data.  What are the census numbers?  What is the makeup of the school population?  Who lives really lives here?  People are curious whether the numbers will match with what they see everyday around town or maybe with what they have heard others claim.  So, I’ll start there.  This post and the next few will be some maps, charts, and numbers trying to paint a picture of Randolph today.

This picture, I think, is one of the best.

Randolph Region Racial Density Map

This map attempts to show where members of different racial groups live from Census 2000 data.  Each dot represents ten people of a particular race living in a census block (note the lines shown are the larger areas called census tracts).  Randolph is outlined in the center.  The map is not labeled, but I’ll bet anyone who knows the area can pick out where Quincy, Brockton, Mattapan, and Dorchester are.

Notice that people of many different races live within Randolph, but that Randolph does not have easily identifiable white, black, asian or latino neighborhoods.  This stands in stark contrast to the region around Randolph and to the rest of Massachusetts (state map available upon request).


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3 Responses to “An Island of Diversity”

  1. duffy Says:

    first i want to see a map of Randolph with property/lot lines outlined within the larger town line to define density on that level and next i want to see a series of maps that more clearly outlines occupancy both racial and house size (i colors i can discern the difference).

    … and i’m thrilled your blogging your way through this one.

    • jmmaddenmit Says:

      The town has an online mapping tool with all of that data except for the demographics.

      They left ownership of the data layers to the company that made it for them though, so I don’t have a copy to combine with my data. I wouldn’t be able to identify by house in any case. The racial data is at the block level, which is a pretty fine grain but is probably placing the dots somewhere within 100 yards or so of where people actually live.

  2. duffy Says:

    GIS maps for Randolph!

    I will be occupied for the next week. I can feel an onslaught of projects coming along with this image starting with a medallion cut out of plexi glass with my family’s half a house footprint cut out, MY HOME and another with the 238 bus stop across from Truman Dr. cut out, MY RIDE.

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