So what is Randolph anyway?

Is Randolph a suburb?  Is it urban?  Town?  City?

How about this.  If you grew up in Randolph, do you admit to being from the suburbs?  Do you follow it up with some kind of explanation?

Randolph isn’t a city like Boston or even Brockton.  It’s not really a suburb like Canton or Sharon either.  So what is it?

This is one of the key questions to be answered in my thesis.  I’ll put up my answer to the question after I get some of yours.


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3 Responses to “So what is Randolph anyway?”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    I’ve always thought of it as a town. I didn’t even know what a suburb is supposed to look like until I moved to Illinois. We are definitely small town kids =)

  2. duffy Says:

    First I answer, “I am from boston.”

    If I get a bite of recognition on their face I say I am from the South Shore. My last step is “Do you know Quincy?” (for some reason many a non masshole and western/middle/masshole alike know Quincy)… “I am from Randolph, it’s a suburb of Boston, it’s near there.”

    In continuation:
    I sauce it up with the picket fence imagery (which 44 Cedar Avenue certainly has) and dive in for something special like “I was a minority at my high school”(although this is truly inaccurate and generalized).

    My last punchline:
    if I still have it in me is “Most my friends were haitian and asian growing up.”

    However, I think I just enjoy the rhyming nature of this last element.

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