People must get sick of me talking about Randolph.  Ever since I was doing statewide student organizing as a high school senior, I’ve been trying to tell outside people about this place.  I usually g0t pretty excited about it because I felt something unique and important was happening in Randolph and I was proud to be part of it.  Even I thought I was crazy.

For this project, I have completed about 30 interviews with current and former residents and workers and have had dozens more informal conversations.  Every time I met with other Randolph people, I would be energized by their passion for the place, by their pride, by their strong opinions (good and bad).  So, it turns out either I am not crazy or we all are.

These passionate conversations were not just about Randolph but usually came to how we can do something for Randolph.  Last night, a diverse group of nine RHS alums held a brainstorming meeting to decide what we can do right now.  I wonder whether a similarly motivated group of young professionals would come together this way for another suburb.  To have passion for a place, you must have a sense of place.  Not everywhere is a place.  A place has strong and unique characteristics that bind people to the idea of it.  Randolph is most certainly a place – and probably is so because of the characteristics I use to define it as a gateway suburb.

After a great conversation in last night’s meeting, we settled on a community project that we can roll out quickly and complete the first phase of by the fall.  Details will come later this week.  Be excited.


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