Why move to Randolph Part 3: Location


Randolph’s location is another feature that makes the town competitive and is a common reason for residents’ choice to live there.  The town lies along Routes 128 and 24 and is close to Route 3.  These highways provide quick and easy access to the employment centers in Boston, Quincy, and the Route 128 suburbs as well as to the cities, towns, and beaches of southeastern Massachusetts.  Randolph’s main street is Route 28, which provides easy access to Dorchester and Brockton.  The 240 bus runs through Randolph along Route 28 to the Ashmont red line terminal.  The 238 bus also runs through Randolph, providing access to the Quincy Center and Quincy Adams red line stops, the South Shore Plaza, and the Holbrook/Randolph commuter rail stop.  This access to employment, shopping, and recreation is an attractive feature for a suburban community.  Additionally, the easy access to the urban neighborhoods from which many first generation suburbanites come is also a reason Randolph functions well as a gateway suburb.

Location cannot be taken away.  In extreme cases however, its effect can be nullified.  For example, Chester PA lies along Interstates 95 and 476, has a SEPTA train station, bus routes, easy access to Philadelphia and the Delaware County suburbs, and a river port.  Yet, Chester is a depressed community where few choose to live.


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