Census 2010 numbers out!

The thesis is long done, bound, and put on a shelf. I went to work on the (successful!) Campaign to Protect the Affordable Housing Law, and am now settled into another job. But, the data I’ve been waiting for for years is now arriving!

I will over the next couple weeks update maps, data, and opinions from the thesis to reflect these new, more accurate numbers. They will be posted here. For now, take a look at the NY Times racial dot map of Randolph. (These took me hours to build myself last year!)

One, very important initial conclusion from the 2010 census data on Randolph – RANDOLPH GREW!!

All of the ACS estimates from the census showed Randolph shrinking this decade. Those numbers confirmed popular impressions of a town in decline. In fact, the reality was that Randolph grew about 4% to reach an all-time population high of roughly 32,000 people.


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